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WeChat Marketing for Cultural Heritage – The Forbidden City

The key to promoting a historical theme to millennials is to break the stereotypical impression of something being “outdated and boring”. The Forbidden City achieved a good result by helping the younger generation relate to historical figures through humor and creativity.

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Campaign co-launched by The Next Idea and Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, one of the most popular attractions in China’s capital city of Beijing, launched a WeChat marketing campaign to promote The Next Idea, a creative competition launched by its cooperative partner Tencent. The theme of the contest that year was to let the contestants design funny WeChat emojis using historical figures who had lived in the Forbidden City.

To infuse fun elements into the WeChat marketing campaign, The Forbidden City launched an H5 landing page featuring Emperor Zhu, the Ming Dynasty emperor who ordered the construction of the Forbidden City. In the webpage, the ancient emperor acts like a teenager singing rap, taking funny selfies, and posting on his WeChat Moments. The H5 WeChat page quickly went viral on the internet.

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Screenshots from the WeChat H5 Landing Page Campaign

The Forbidden City’s WeChat marketing campaign targeted the right audience: young and creative users likely to sign up for the contest. It also has a clear call to action which takes the audience directly to the Next Idea website. The campaign gained massive traction and was wildly successful in attracting users. 

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