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WeChat Marketing for Cosmetics – OLAY

There’s no shortage of WeChat marketing examples in this particular industry as cosmetics brands spend an enormous amount of money on social media in China. This is especially true during the holiday seasons. Chinese New Year has always been the best time for brands to drive user engagement as nearly everyone is active on social media during the holiday period. Offering a creative way to help users send out their blessings to their beloved ones can never go wrong, as can be seen in this example from Olay. 

During the Chinese Year New Year, Olay launched a campaign that allows users to send electronic personalized greeting cards titled “Receive Red Envelopes on Horseback”.

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“Receive Red Envelopes on Horseback” WeChat marketing campaign by OLAY

In order to get instructions for uploading pictures that contain specialized messages for the receiver, the users had to reply “HK” to Olay on WeChat. Once completed, it allowed the user to create customized cards that could be shared on any social media platforms for distribution to the users’ families and friends.

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