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WeChat Marketing for Health & Wellness Products – Mead Johnson

With the combination of the Sanlu milk powder scandal in 2008 and the abolition of China’s one-child policy, there’s more babies and even greater demand for reliable baby formula products. However, it is absolutely crucial for baby brands to build trust among worried consumers.

Mead Johnson’s WeChat marketing campaign really steps into the shoes of Chinese moms. The “360 supermum” campaign it launched was a brand new initiative to build up a team of brand ambassadors. Leveraging the testimonials of satisfied consumers, the brand was able to engage with mothers around China and assure them of the safety of their baby formula “Enfagrow.”

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Mead Johnson’s 360 Supermom campaign calling on consumers to become its brand ambassadors

To truly build up a great brand image among consumers, boosting brand awareness is only a part of the game. A seamless user experience and easily accessible and detailed product information matters just as much. Mead Johnson’s WeChat official account offers an all-in-one platform – offering a loyalty program, brand, and product information,  and constantly updated content. All of this served to drastically increase user engagement and bring its brand image to the next level.

Johnson Mead’s efforts in WeChat marketing are a clear example of understanding their target audience’s needs. Johnson Mead put all the resources that new mothers need together in one platform, helping mothers with their purchasing decisions and building trust in the brand.

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The services Mead Johnson’s official account offers include 1) Tracking the product supply chain 2) Verifying product authenticity 3) Professional pediatrician Q&A 3) Product reviews from moms

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