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WeChat Marketing for A Hotel – THE LINQ

When we say WeChat marketing, you are probably thinking of using WeChat Moments & HTML5 like what Burberry did. But what other possibilities are out there? Are there other options that cater to different business models and different industries? (If you don’t know what are the possible channels you could and should use, visit here for a complete WeChat Advertising guide!)

Well, WeChat Official Accounts offer plenty of ways for businesses to create a unique marketing strategy. As WeChat has evolved into a Super-App with a range of functions, the ways that businesses can interact with their customers has become essentially limitless.

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Through this unique feature, the hotel was able to attract more followers to its official account (where they could further promote their offerings through targeted messaging, blogs, and updates). This function was able to help the hotel significantly grow its follower base for future marketing efforts. 

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